Heavy Duty 24 spline


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Designed as either a direct bolt in replacement for existing 24 spline applications or as an upgrade from earlier 10 spline applications. This axle kit is fully compatable with stock alloy wheels. It is a heavy duty upgrade that substantially increases the durability of the rear axle shafts. Features of these shafts are as follows:

• These shafts utilize a true “waisted” design. This specific waisted design is proprietary to us, utilizing extensive in house research and development. Waisting is also on the flange end of the shaft, so in the advent of breakage, field repairs are much less time consuming.

• Rolled spines – rolling splines cold forges them resulting in an increase in durability in the range of 30 to 35%. We are the only manufacturer suppling this feature for upgraded Land Rover axle shafts

• These shafts use an upgraded alloy steel. We use 4340 chromemoly steel. This steel is superior to either stock axles that are made from a commercial grade case hardening steel. Shafts are induction hardened to a higher lever than stock shafts or competing HD aftermarket shafts, significantly increasing their tensile strength and durability.

Kit includes two axle shafts, two drive flanges, two snap rings and the sealing caps, plus we assemble the entire units for you so all you do is install them.