Discovery II Heavy Duty


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Designed as a direct bolt in replacement for the Discovery 2, these components are a heavy duty upgrade that substantially increases the durability of both the inner axle shaft and the CV joint. There are several ways that the durability is increased as follows:

• The diameter of the inner axle shaft at the CV joint is increased from .885″ (32 spline) to 1.24″ (24 spline).

• Both components use an upgraded material. We use 4340 Chrome-moly steel for both the CV joint and inner axle shaft.

• Components are thru hardened to a lower level instead of being case hardened. This lower heat treat level increases the shock resistance of the CV joint, the major cause of failure with stock CV joints is shock loading commonly incurred in aggressive recreational off roading.

In destructive testing the failure point of this kit is approximately 10,000 ft/lbs. This compares to 3000 ft/lbs for the stock components.

Kit fits all Discovery 2’s. Kit does not affect the operation of ABS brakes, Electronic Traction Control or Hill Decent Control because the tone ring for these functions is located in the hub and not on the CV joint. Assembly procedure is modified, please contact us for more information.