OLD MAN EMU Springs (Rear)


Old Man Emu springs are the original high performance heavy duty springs available in North America. They are by far the most popular aftermarket suspension for Land Rover applications, and for good reason – great quality and great value. OME supplies several different settings for numerous applications, so selecting the correct springs for your vehicle is critical to get the results you want.


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OLD MAN EMU Springs (OME) are without a doubt the most popular aftermarket coil springs in North America. They are manufactured in Australia and designed for the harsh conditions found in the Land Down Under. As a result they are very high quality and hence very durable. We carry a full line of them and have been distributing them since 1995. We run them on our own vehicles. As a result we know this product line. We feel it is important to purchase them from a company, such as ourselves, that has a lot of experience with them to optimize your satisfaction. This is important because a single part number can be recommended for several different applications and knowing the subtle differences between applications is important. Also terms such as medium duty and heavy duty have a slightly different meaning in Australia compared to North America.

The biggest problem we see in the Land Rover market is customers being sold too much spring for their application resulting in an unnecessarily harsh ride quality. Als,o any time you modify an existing suspension, there can be unintended side effects such as loss of castor and driveshaft geometry issues. We can explain these before you purchase and the likelihood of these issues so you can get a complete picture of your total potential cost. We can also supply the products such castor correction kits and custom driveshafts to eliminate these problems.

Australia is a right hand drive country and follows Land Rovers tradition of sided springs (drivers side vs passenger side). We feel that sided springs have no benefit for a left hand drive Land Rover so we match all of our OME springs as either all drivers side or all passenger side. They differ in free height by 10 mm. Failure to do so can result in a vehicle that does not sit level. We were the first OME distributor that offered matched OME springs. If you are interested in how the tradition of sided springs originated, give us a call for the story.

We are also the exclusive distributor the genuine OME 3 inch lift for the RRC, Discovery 1 and Defender 90’s with a Discovery 2 in development. This is not a kit that mixes and matches front and rear springs including some from non Land Rover applications in combination with spring seat spacers. At our request, OME designed, tested and developed this suspension kit for us. It includes custom valved and extended shock absorbers. See our section under suspension kits for a full description.