24 Spline Heavy Duty


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Designed as a direct bolt in replacement, these components are a heavy duty upgrade that substantially increases the durability of both the inner axle shaft and the CV joint.

There are several ways that the durability is increased as follows:

• The diameter of the inner axle shaft at the CV joint is increased from .885″ (32 spline) to 1.20″ (27 spline)
• Both components use an upgraded material. We use 4340 Chrome-moly steel.
• CV joints are thru hardened to a lower level instead of case hardened. This lower heat treat level increases the shock resistance of the CV joint, the major cause of catastrophic failure with stock CV joints.

In destructive testing the failure point of this kit is approximately 9000 ft/lbs. This compares to 3000 ft/lbs for the stock components. The failure point in this destructive testing is the inner axle shaft. If you want additional durability upgrade to our Stage 2 kit.

Kits fit most models of Defender 90, 110, 130, Discovery 1 & Range Rover Classic. Inquire for specifics. If the vehicle was originally equipped with ABS, we recommend using our ABS version of this kit because it is a violation of Federal law to knowingly disable a safety feature on a vehicle such as ABS. There is no loss of durability in doing so because the failure point is the inner axle. If in doubt as to the suitability for your specific application, contact us. Installation in some applications may require some modification; again contact us for this technical data.