Defender 110/130 One Piece Expedition Shafts



Designed as an upgrade for either stock 10 & 24 spline applications or our 24 spline heavy duty rear axle kit. This axle kit is fully compatible with any Land Rover wheel including alloy wheels. The huge advantage of these shafts is the drive flange is integral with the axle shaft so this eliminates the spline wear problem rampant in post 1993 Defenders that never were equipped with one piece axle shafts yet have are equipped with a dry hub. You don’t want to be half way around the world and be sidelined with stripped drive flanges. This happens to every Defender in existence unless you regularly check and replace them. These axles are an absolute must for any Defender 110 or 130 and far superior to any other rear axle kit on the market.

Available soon for both Salisbury (1994 thru 2001) and P38 (2002 thru 2015) rear axle equipped Defenders.

If in doubt as to the suitability for your specific application contact us. Again contact us for this technical data.