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Off road vehicles are very individualistic, so frequently off the shelf suspensions need to be customized to exactly fit your needs. We carry a large selection of products, including our GBR line of spring spacers.

We offer a selection of spacers for various models of Land Rovers. First a few words on spacers. In our opinion, the function of spacers is frequently mis-understood. They are frequently sold as an inexpensive lift kit with some vendors offering them in sizes sometimes in excess of 2 inches. We have seen them used for up to 4 inches of lift by do it yourselfers – scary! We feel this is an inappropriate use of them. We feel they should be used only as very moderate lift kits or to trim the vehicle due to circumstances unique to that vehicle. By trim we mean to raise either one side of the vehicle or the other or to raise one end of the vehicle or the other.
So, you ask, why shouldn’t you use them as moderate to large lift as compared to springs and shocks? The major reason is that when you lift a vehicle you also raise the center of gravity. Suspension engineers know this so when designing a lifted suspension that is meant for some street use, they usually increase the spring rate and modify the shock absorber valving to compensate for this fact.
Failure to do this can result in an ill handling and even a dangerous vehicle. An example is that a vehicle with a higher center of gravity will experience increased body roll. This is why we offer our spacers in ½ and one inch only. Our spacers are anodized aluminum and come with all of the appropriate hardware.

Isolator’s have another function, which is to isolate the suspension of the vehicle from the body. Your Land Rover already has several means to isolate the suspension from the body, which are all of your suspension bushings. Spring isolater’s are just an additional means to do so. They can also be used to trim the vehicle slightly (1/4 inch) so you can get the benefit of both.