Reman Roto-Flex Conversion Kit Rear


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We offer a very cost effective Roto-Flex Coupling elimination kit. Since we are a driveshaft remanufacturing facility we can modify existing Roto-Flex rear driveshafts to a u-joint model. What we do is to cut off the three bolt Roto-Flex weld yoke and weld on the appropriate Spicer 4 bolt weld yoke. We add a Spicer 5-153X u-joint and a Spicer flange yoke and presto – an economical u-joint rear driveshaft! During this process we also thoroughly inspect the other components such as the other u-joint and replace it if necessary. In addition we inspect and clean the slip and spline joint. The shaft is also rebalanced. We also supply a reconditioned pinion flange along with a new pinion seal of the latest design with the matching mud shield, the appropriate pinion preload spacer and 4 new driveshaft nuts and bolts.

You can purchase a lower cost RFC elimination kit but you will need to contact a salvage yard and hope that the parts they supply are in good condition and everything is included. If you don’t want to deal with that hassle, give us a call.

The final retail price after $25 core credit applied, which is refunded upon receipt of rebuildable core drive shaft. We also will consider purchasing outright any existing RF rear driveshafts. Contact us for details.