Differential Remanufacturing

Differential Remanufacturing

We are a complete differential remanufacturing facility so we can supply any of the differential products we sell in complete, ready to install exchange third members.

Regardless of whether you are building a high performance off road ready Land Rover or a vintage restoration we can provide you with the differential you need.

We maintain a large inventory of good used differential housings so we can build your differential in advance and ship it to you ready to install so you can minimize your downtime. We can make all of the necessary shipping arrangements including supplying UPS return tags for a fast easy core return.

If you prefer to provide your own differential for rework in advance we can provide you a prepaid UPS shipping label for cost effective and convenient shipping. Shipping differentials to us in advance is usually done if you have already installed products such as high performance carriers or have changed gear ratios and are utilizing these parts in the remanufactured differential. Includes both Rover and P38A differentials.

We can also remanufacture Salisbury axle assemblies. Since these are not Hotchiss (drop out third members) and cannot be shipped via a small package service, arrangements need to be made via truck. We can assist in making cost effective arrangements for this.

Our remanufacturing process has the following steps:

1) Complete disassembly and inspection – this process includes carefully inspecting all of the components for possible re-use and discarding any damaged and worn out parts. Examples of damaged and unusable housings are pinion bearing failures. The bearing cup can also spin in the housing. During this step we also stamp our specific GBR serial number into the housing.

2) Hot tanking – this is a cleaning process in a caustic solution that is followed with a cycle thru a high pressure parts washer. We again inspect the housings since they are now completely cleaned and degreased. We also true up all sealing surfaces such as the mounting flange and bearing caps.

3) Sand blasting – in preparation for repainting and to remove any scale & rust. This step is also critical if we are thrust bolting the housing because we need to weld a threaded bung in the housing itself.

4) Painting – we now paint the housing in preparation of assembly. Our signature color is a dark forest green. This is applied to all high performance housings. Standard reconditioned & remanufactured differentials are painted black.

5) Expert reassembly – Our experienced staff then reassembles your differential to your exact specification. Our remanufacturing staff has 25 years experience building every type of differential available in the USA – light, medium and heavy duty types.

We can also cater to special requests such as using correct date stamped differential housings for limited editions and collector versions of various Land Rovers such as North American spec Defender 90 & 110 models.

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