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Detroit Locker
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ARB Rebuilding and Spline Conversions

Contact us for competitive pricing. We frequently have special promotions and can offer trade in credit for stock components.

ARB Air Locking Differential Carrier – Part Numbers: see below

We carry a full line of ARB Air Locking differential. The ARB is a fully selectable 100% diff lock. You get the benefit and versatility of normal open differential action on tarmac and cab operated push button activation for full diff lock – 100% instant traction. Compressed air actuates a piston inside the differential, which engages a lock ring, instantly locking the differential. The ARB 4 pinion style carrier is four times stronger than a stock 2 pinion Rover carrier adding the significant benefit of durability. This is a huge benefit because the cross shaft in a stock Rover differential carrier is the weak point of the entire drive train.

Fully locking differentials add a significant increase in stress to axle shafts.A fully locking differential can literally double the stress on axle shafts compared to an open carrier. For this reason, one should consider upgrading the stock axle shafts. We can supply upgraded axle shafts for all models of Land Rovers, please inquire or see the section on axle shafts on this site. We can also supply completely remanufactured exchange differentials equipped with ARB Air Lockers, again please inquire or see the appropriate section of this site.

When purchased with an ARB air compressor, you get everything needed to get a fully operational diff lock system, i.e. all of the parts necessary for proper installation, including industrial grade control switches, airlines and fittings.

ARB offers three compressor models suitable for Air Locker operation. A dedicated air activation system is available which is extremely durable and compact. Alternatively a larger compressor can be specified, which is also perfect for inflating tires, air mattresses and a host of other applications where compressed air is required. Finally they offer the twin motor system if you want to run air tools and inflate large tires really quickly. All systems have advantages and disadvantages. Contact us if you need advice as to which would suit your needs better. If you are planning on using a non-ARB compressor, we can supply all of the miscellaneous parts such as the wiring harness, switches etc to make if functional and compatible.

RD161 – Salisbury 3.54 & 4.11 Ratios
RD160 – Salisbury/4.7 ratio

RD127 Rover 10 spline (seriously consider upgrading to 24 spline !)
RD128 Rover 24 spline/Ratios – 3.54 & GBR/3.90, 4.11, 4.14, 4.43, 4.71.

RD138 P38 1995-2002 Range Rover/ Defender 110/130 Rear 2002 and On

It is recommended that new carrier bearings be installed for all of the above applications. We supply genuine Timken bearings including conversion carrier bearings required for early Imperial differential housings. We can also supply other differential parts such as shim kits, conversion kits, spacer rings, pinion nuts, spacers, washers, seals, flanges etc. Finally we can supply any ARB Air Locker as a complete professionally remanufactured exchange differential.

Please contact us for specific application, technical information and pricing.

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ARB Rebuilding and Spline Conversions

We are a full service differential remanufacturing center and as part of that service we can rebuild and remanufacture any ARB Air Locking differential.

ARB Air Locking differentials are very good high performance differentials. But like any mechanical device they eventually need to be rebuilt and serviced. Frequently they are damaged from incorrect installation. We can solve all of these issues.

There have also been numerous upgrades and enhancements over the years, most of which we can integrate into any older ARB.

It is also possible to change the spline count of Land Rover models to allow you to increase the axle size and hence the axle shaft durability.

We can also modify ARB Air Lockers to custom spline counts.

We are very familiar with all ARB models for Land Rovers including RD03, RD20, RD26, RD32, RD32C, RD56, RD57, RD76, RD127, RD128, RD138, RD160 and RD161

We have been ARB direct distributors for almost 20 years. We are also an experienced ARB service center.

Contact us for specific information and pricing.

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Detroit Locker – Part Numbers & pricing see below

The legendary Detroit Locker began the revolution in high performance differentials and still leads the industry today as part of the Eaton family. The Detroit Locker is a very durable and dependable locking differential. The Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, hence maximizing traction off road but they have the ability to automatically allow differential action wheel when required on road. Since this differential doesn’t have the added complication and cost of selectable controls – no compressors, air or vacuum lines and no electrical connections or relays – they are extremely reliable and cost effective – less expensive to buy, less expensive to install – a great value! You install them and forget about them – other than enjoying the additional traction now available. Detroit Lockers have traditionally been considered suitably only for hard core off roaders because they were noisy while cornering and they had a reputation for affecting the handling of the vehicle on road. This is the case for part time 4 wheel drive applications but a vehicle with full time four wheel drive such as all late model Rovers, all on road handling variations are almost imperceptible. These are for rear diffs only except in dedicated off road vehicles or strict competition vehicles. These differential carriers are much stronger than stock carriers, in the range of 4 times stronger, hence eliminating the most common mechanical failure in Land Rovers differentials – the two pinion cross shaft. Like any fully locking differential additional stress is placed on axle shafts. As a result we highly recommend upgrading axle shafts especially any 10 spline application. As a matter of fact, we refuse to sell them in 10 spline applications. It is almost as important to upgrade stock 24 spline versions. This is important because Detroit Lockers are susceptible to damage during axle breakage. This is not a quality issue but a design issue. We can supply upgraded axle shafts for any Land Rover application. We can also supply complete remanufactured exchange differentials with Detroit Lockers – please inquire.

Part # Application Ratio
DL187SL173A Rover 24 spline 3.54, 3.90, 4.11, 4.14, 4.43, 4.71
DL187SL173P38 P38, RR 1995-2002 3.54, 4.10
DL225SL36 Salisbury all ratios

NOTE: It is recommended that new carrier bearings be installed for all of the above applications. We supply genuine Timken bearings and install them prior to shipping at no charge. We can also supply other differential parts such as shim kits, pinion nuts, spacers, washers, seals etc.

Please contact us for specific application, technical information and pricing.

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Front Rear

Detroit Truetrac | Part Numbers: see below

These are helical gear driven limited slip differentials. TrueTrac limited slip differentials work by sensing differences in wheel spin and are able to compensate for this by biasing more torque to the wheel that has the most traction. They operate very smoothly, are completely automatic, have no adverse effect on handling and are very durable because they have no clutches or cones to wear out unlike traditional limited slip diffs. They are also very reliable and cost effective because they have no actuating mechanisms such as cables, airlines, compressors and electrical connections to malfunction. They can be installed in either the front or rear, although we consider them ideal for the front diff for one huge reason – you can steer with them fully operating! They allow one wheel to rotate slightly faster than the other, allowing this diff to provide differential action for the different distances traveled by your tires even in a sharp turn. One major disadvantage of a fully locked front diff, whether fully selectable or automatic, is the increased effort required to steer and the additional stress put on front axle components. A minor disadvantage of a Trutrac is when you are completely stopped with no forward movement they can sometimes function as a conventional open diff. This situation is easily rectified by briefly, lightly modulating the brakes to prompt the unit into proper torque biasing. For vehicles equipped with Electronic Traction Control, such as Discovery 2’s and some P38’s, this happens automatically, which is why we consider them complementary systems to ETC. Truetracs also make a great rear diff if your four wheelng doesn’t run to the extreme. TruTracs use 6 helical gears instead of 2 spider gears and as a result have the additional benefit of being much more durable than a stock diff carrier. Since these units are not fully locking, there is less stress added to the axle shafts so axle upgrades are in most cases – optional. If you are considering upgrading the axle components, we can advise you of the actual need. We can supply any axle upgrades you choose along with supplying these units in complete remanufactured exchange differentials.

Part # Application Ratio
TT910A416 Rover 10 spline – Front 3.90, 4.11, 4.14, 4.43, 4.71
TT910A400 Rover 10 spline – Rear 3.90, 4.11, 4.14, 4.43, 4.71
TT912A407 Rover 24 spline – Front 3.90, 4.11, 4.14, 4.43, 4.71
TT912A383 Rover 24 spline – Rear 3.90, 4.11, 4.14, 4.43, 4.71
TT912A407P38 P38 Front 3.54, 4.10
TT912A383P38 P38 Rear 3.54, 4.10
TT912A593 Salisbury 3.54, 4.10

NOTE: It is recommended that new carrier bearings be installed for all of the above applications. We supply genuine Timken bearings and install them prior to shipping at no charge. Contact us for further information.


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