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We are a direct distributor of the Timken Bearing Company. Timken are considered the premium taper and roller bearings available. Most genuine Land Rover bearings are supplied by Timken. Purchasing them as Timken instead of Land Rover is cost effective without sacrificing any quality.

Differential Bearings
Transfer Case Bearings
Wheel Bearings

Differential Bearing Kits

Part # Applications Price/$
GBRMBK47 Range Rover Classic, Discovery I & II, Defender 90,Defender 110/130 Front, late 24 spline 159.95
GBRMBK45 Range Rover Classic, Discover I & II, Defender 90,Defender 110/130 Front, late 24 spline, Series Rover through 1985 except Salisbury 159.95
GBRTBK Range Rover Classic through 1980, Series Rover through 1980 except Salisbury 159.95
GBRP38BK P38 Range Rover 95-02, Defender 110/130 Rear, 2002 and on 179.95
GBRIBK Early Series II Rover up to 1961 149.95
GBRSBK Series 3 109, Defender 110/130 through 2001 159.95
GBRMPBK Pinion Bearing Kit Metric /Pinion Bearings Only 99.95
GBRIPBK Pinion Bearing Kit Imperial/ Pinion Bearings Only 99.95
GBRP38PBK Pinion Bearing Kit P38/ Pinion Bearings Only 119.95
GBRSPBK Pinion Bearing Kit Salisbury/ Pinion Bearings Only 99.95
GBRS47 Carrier Bearing Kit Metric/ 24 spline/1.75″ journal size 59.95
GBRS45 Carrier Bearing Kit Metric/ 10 spline/ 1.625″ journal size 59.95
GBRICBK Carrier Bearing Kit Imperial/ 10 spline/ 1.5″ journal size 59.95

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Transfer Case Bearings

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Wheel Bearings

Part # Application Price $
GBRS37 Metric Wheel Bearing 19.95
GBRS37K Metric Wheel Bearing Kit/ 2 Bearings + Hub Seal 49.95
GBRIWB Imperial Wheel Bearing 29.95
GBRIWB Imperial Wheel Bearing Kit/ 2 Bearings + Hub Seal 69.95


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